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SCS to Showcase Coating, Ionic Contamination and New Conveyor Technologies at IPC APEX EXPO

February 29, 2024

SCS announced plans to exhibit at the IPC APEX EXPO, scheduled to take place April 9-11, 2024, at the Anaheim Convention Center. SCS is showcasing its comprehensive portfolio of coatings including, Parylene, liquid, plasma, ALD and multilayer coatings as well as the PrecisionCoat VI, Ionograph® SMD V and PrecisionAdvance systems in Booth #4212.

SCS is a world leader in conformal coating technologies with over 50 years of experience in conformal coating engineering and applications and 21 worldwide coating facilities. SCS coating solutions offer excellent moisture, chemical and dielectric barrier properties to protect and increase the reliability of devices and components in the electronics, aerospace, defense, transportation and medical device industries.

The PrecisionCoat VI provides unparalleled flexibility in conformal coating and dispensing through a diverse array of valves, tools and features. It delivers outstanding accuracy, repeatability and high throughput, catering to a broad spectrum of automated material applications. The PrecisionCoat’s Automatic Quick Change (AQC) feature allows the use of eight separate tools within a single machine, enabling users to automate and control the application of multiple materials. At the show, SCS will offer live demonstrations of the PrecisionCoat and its industry-leading AQC feature.

SCS Ionograph ionic contamination test systems utilize a dynamic extraction method to measure resistivity change when a substrate is submerged in an ultra-pure test solution. The SCS Ionograph SMD V is a floor unit commonly used for larger circuit boards in high-volume production environments. Submerged agitation jets and optional heated extract solution provide outstanding sensitivity, operational efficiency and the ability to test ultra-fine pitch components with ease and accuracy.

SCS’ new conveyor system, PrecisionAdvance, provides exceptional product handling and efficient process step integration often associated with conformal coating processes. Available in four different configurations, the pin-type-edge handling conveyor is designed to control board inspection, line flow and transit throughout the coating and assembly operation. PrecisionAdvance conveyors can fully integrate with the SCS PrecisionCoat and PrecisionCure systems to provide a comprehensive solution.  

For more information about SCS’ conformal coatings, PrecisionCoat VI, Ionograph SMD V or PrecisionAdvance, or to schedule a meeting at the show, contact SCS online or call +1.317.244.1200.

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