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SCS Introduces New Conveyor System for Conformal Coating Process Control

February 29, 2024

SCS is pleased to introduce its new conveyor system, PrecisionAdvance. The conveyor system provides exceptional product handling and efficient process step integration often associated with conformal coating processes. PrecisionAdvance conveyors can fully integrate with the SCS PrecisionCoat and PrecisionCure systems to provide a comprehensive solution, enabling line management and automating and streamlining the movement of PCBs throughout manufacturing processes.

Available in four different configurations, the pin-type-edge handling conveyor is designed to control board inspection, line flow and transit throughout the coating and assembly operation. SCS now offers modular components that can be assembled to create a custom line of conveyor, coating and curing systems to meet manufacturing needs. For processes that utilize a fixed barcode reader, the line-load conveyor stages boards to be scanned before moving into the PrecisionCoat. When acrylic solvent-based materials are applied to a board, the inspection conveyor’s run/stop/release functionality can be utilized to ensure the necessary coating flash-off time is taken, allowing for solvents to evaporate and inspection to occur prior to curing in a PrecisionCure oven.

Additionally, the PrecisionAdvance has several optional features that can be added to meet specific process needs. For example, the inspection conveyor can be configured with a drawing easel that is ideal for displaying board drawings. When paired with the enclosure hood, operators can utilize the overhead blacklight to perform manual inspection of coated boards while minimizing ambient light. Other options include a fold-down shelf that can hold items related to board touch up as well as a storage cabinet. 


  • Line-load conveyor
  • Pass-through conveyor
  • Inspection conveyor
  • Accumulation conveyor/buffer


  • Reverse operation
  • Auto width adjust
  • Storage cabinet
  • Print easel
  • Fold-down shelf
  • Conveyor chain (3/8” or 3/16” pin configuration)
  • Enclosure hood with overhead blacklight

To learn more about the SCS PrecisionAdvance or a full line of SCS systems, contact SCS online or call +1.317.244.1200.

Global Coverage Issue 97, Fall 2024