SCS Conformal Coatings: Halogen-free waterproofing solutions for consumer devices.

Leveraging more than 50 years of experience protecting critical electronic components for the aerospace, defense and transportation industries, SCS also provides coating services specifically designed to waterproof consumer electronics devices such as wireless headphones, smartphones, watches and other wearables. SCS offers a comprehensive portfolio of coating solutions to meet each device’s specific moisture barrier requirements.

Parylene-coated electronics, for example, have been tested by an independent testing facility in accordance with the applicable requirements of IEC 60529, test conditions 14.2.7 and 14.2.8 for IPX7 and IPX8 designations, which demonstrates protection from harmful effects due to the ingress of water. The uncoated electronics failed during the test, but the Parylene-coated electronics passed both test conditions, functioning normally both during and after testing. These results indicate that Parylene conformal coatings are suitable to protect consumer electronics and other devices against water splash and water immersion per IPX7 and IPX8 test requirements.

In addition to Parylene coatings, SCS provides plasma polymerized nanocoatings that are specifically formulated to provide waterproof protection to electronics devices.

Green and halogen-free requirements

In support of global initiatives that continue to drive toward the elimination of halogens in electronics, SCS developed a halogen-free variant of Parylene – ParyFree®. ParyFree coating offers manufacturers the same host of beneficial properties that they have come to expect from the Parylene family, but with improved barrier properties over traditional halogen-free variants. SCS also offers halogen-free plasma coatings for consumer electronics. For more information, contact SCS.

Consumer Electronics coating applications include:

  • Wireless headphones
  • Wearables
  • Smart home electronics
  • Tablets and phones
  • Drones

SCS Parylene benefits include:

  • Ultra-thin and conformal
  • IPX7 and IPX8 waterproof protection
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Excellent UV stability
  • Excellent crevice and multi-layer penetration
  • Ultra-thin films add minimal mass to delicate components

SCS Parylenes for Waterproofing Electronics

A proven technology in the aerospace and defense industries, SCS Parylenes are also an ideal waterproofing solution for consumer electronic devices.
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