At Specialty Coating Systems, we are passionate about our people, our customers, and the products and services we offer. We strive to use our experiences and resources to provide our customers with industry-leading services and technologies that will help make their products a success. To that end, our vision is simple:

To be the world’s trusted coatings partner by helping our customers innovate and be successful.

Our core values serve as a compass for how we interact as colleagues as well as with our customers, vendors and communities. We value interactions and business transactions that are rooted in respect, integrity, service and excellence.

Showing consideration and appreciation for others and their contributions, point of view, talents and uniqueness.

  • We are committed to a business culture that embraces the diversity of our people and their unique talents.
  • We value the opinions, time and perspectives of others.
  • We practice and encourage active listening and the open exchange of ideas.
  • We recognize contributions and celebrate successes.

Upholding the highest ethical standards by being truthful, responsible and accountable for all activities and commitments undertaken.

  • We take ownership of our actions and their outcomes.
  • We communicate truthfully, respectfully and candidly, even when the message is hard to deliver.
  • We deliver on our commitments.
  • We are responsible individuals in our business and communities.
  • We conduct our business consistent with company policies and government regulations.

Considering our customers, both internal and external, in every decision, transaction and communication.

  • Our actions demonstrate a strong commitment to our customers.
  • Our communications are timely, courteous, and accurate.
  • We take time to listen to what our customers need and understand how we can add value that contributes to their success.
  • We work as a team to provide superior customer service.

Continuously striving to achieve the highest personal and professional standards in all that we do.

  • Our success depends on the education and development of our people.
  • We commit to the highest standards of safety for our employees and communities.
  • We deliver the highest quality products and services.
  • We continuously measure and explore new ways to improve.
  • We rapidly recognize and adapt to changing market needs.