Parylene Coatings for Magnets and Ferrite Cores

Ultra-thin and highly uniform SCS Parylene conformal coatings give magnets and ferrite cores excellent dielectric properties along with a host of protection and performance features not available from liquid coatings.

SCS Parylene coatings provide a lower dielectric constant, lower dissipation factor, and high dielectric strength compared to industry-standard coatings, making the coatings uniquely suited for electrical insulation on miniature wire wound components. SCS Parylene coatings also provide protection against abrasion damage for magnets and ferrite cores that may occur during the winding process. Its dry lubricity (low coefficient of friction) is also beneficial in the winding process.

No need for tape in wound applications.

Adhesive tape has long been the insulation of choice between winding and metal components. However as components get smaller, applying tape not only gets harder, it also contributes to lower yields of acceptable parts. SCS Parylene coating eliminates the need for tape while virtually eliminating faulty components.

A perfect fit for molded plastic components

Anyone who works with molded plastic NdFeB magnetic components knows how fragile and susceptible to corrosion they can be. SCS Parylene coatings provide protection in two ways: increasing component strength and its moisture vapor transmission properties guard against corrosion caused by atmospheric moisture.

Liquid coating

With a liquid coating, even coverage across all surfaces of a coil form is virtually impossible. The build-up of conventional coating material on a coil form can restrict winding capacity.

Vacuum Deposition SCS Parylene

Parylene coatings provide thin and highly uniform coverage that is consistent on each coil form. The result is high performance protection with little effect on the shape and capacity of a coil form.

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