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Conformal Coatings “Quietly” Meet the Needs of the Electric Vehicle Market

December 13, 2021

As the world transitions toward electric vehicles (EV) and a reduced carbon footprint, SCS is playing an active role in supporting the market’s current and future growth. As alluded to in its name, electric vehicles are full of electronics, and those advanced electronics and components require increased protection. Conformal coatings are a silent partner in the EV market, ensuring the reliability of the vehicle’s critical systems and the safety of its passengers.

Conformal coatings have been established as a critical protective solution by OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and charging station manufacturers. Applying 15-25 microns of Parylene C to battery management system (BMS) electronics, for example, provides a chemical and moisture barrier that mitigates the risk of failure within this critical system. Because EV charging stations are commonly found in outdoor environments, weather and corrosive road salt can negatively impact their operation. As such, conformal coatings play a key role in the reliability of charging stations, protecting the electronics from corrosion and increasing overall system reliability.

With 50 years of experience in delivering ultra-thin, pinhole-free and conformal Parylene coatings across the consumer electronics, medical device, aerospace and automotive industries, SCS provides reliable solutions to EV manufacturers. Building on a solid foundation of protective coatings and experience, SCS continually innovates and has developed ParyFree®, a halogen-free variant of Parylene that addresses the additional challenge of meeting evolving international environmental standards and initiatives. To learn more about the protection SCS offers the EV market, contact Brent Frizzell at 317.244.1200, ext. 0261, or bfrizzell@scscoatings.com. You can also download SCS’ e-book “SCS Parylenes for EV Electronic Systems” at scscoatings.com/ebook-ev.

Global Coverage Issue 90, Fall 2021