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Coating Spotlight: SCS ALD+Parylene Multilayer Coatings

July 26, 2022

A newer technology at SCS, ALD+Parylene combines atomic layer deposition (ALD) coatings with Parylene  to form an enhanced multilayer coating that offers increased barrier properties to protect devices in extreme environments. Multilayer coatings are stacked structures that alternate different layers of organic and inorganic thin films. ALD films can be made of numerous inorganic materials, including aluminum oxide, titanium oxide and hafnium oxide. 

ALD+Parylene multilayer technology is generated through a unique hybrid deposition process. Multiple layers of ALD and Parylene coatings are applied in a way that leads to very controlled layer growth, resulting in total thicknesses ranging from 1- 10 microns.

Parylene is well known for the many beneficial properties it offers to components. Combining organic Parylene with inorganic ALD improves the coating’s properties even further, creating a more robust solution. ALD+Parylene offers 3-D conformity for complex and miniature components and provides improved barrier protection against water, vapor and gases at ultra-thin levels. Additionally, the multilayer coating has outstanding mechanical properties and excellent biostability.

ALD+Parylene is an ideal solution for devices and systems across the medical, electronics, transportation and aerospace markets that must operate without failure in harsh or extreme environments for extended periods of time. To learn more about ALD+Parylene coatings and how they can protect your applications, contact SCS.

Global Coverage Issue 92, Summer 2022