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SCS PrecisionCoat Machine Configurations Meet Diverse Application Requirements

June 20, 2024

The SCS PrecisionCoat VI selective conformal coating and dispense system is a fully programmable, multi-purpose system that offers unparalleled programming for efficiency in automated material applications. This robust and highly flexible platform allows manufacturers to precisely apply a wide range of materials, including solid as well as solvent- and water-based coatings.

The PrecisionCoat’s Automatic Quick Change feature in position to pick up its next tool.

The PrecisionCoat VI can be configured to meet the precise requirements of each application through various machine configurations, such as the Automatic Quick Change (AQC) configuration, programmable valve spacing configuration and toggle system configuration.

The AQC configuration can integrate up to eight valves or tools into a single platform, offering maximum flexibility with fully programmable 5-axis positioning. Its multi-valve capability enhances efficiency, potentially eliminating the need for multiple systems. SCS’ industry-leading AQC feature enables users to automate and precisely control the application of multiple materials within a single PrecisionCoat coating profile.

The PrecisionCoat’s programmable valve spacing configuration and toggle system.

The PrecisionCoat’s programmable valve spacing configuration ensures the continuous coating of multiple products simultaneously and eliminates the need to manually adjust valve spacing when changing coating profiles. Available with two or three valves, the system maximizes output for high-volume applications where products are transferred in array or multi-up pallet configuration.

A toggle system configuration offers an economical solution for conformal coating and dispensing applications. Featuring a dual-head system with independent valve control, a PrecisionCoat toggle system enables the application of common material variations with two valves or more. When combined with the pneumatic valve positioning tilt and rotate feature, the toggle system improves efficiency and precision in traditional coating applications, especially when speed and accuracy are crucial.

SCS offers a wide range of valve options and features to meet customer needs. Below are several valves that can be utilized within the various machine configurations.

  • SCS spray valve
  • SCS dispense valve
  • Syringe dispense valve
  • SCS 30/50cc syringe kit
  • Micro spray valve
  • Syringe with level sensing
  • Syringe dispense with pressure control
  • Jetter valve (piezo)
  • Dispense spool valve
  • Auger valve
  • Dot dispense
  • Progressive cavity pump
  • Two-part mixing
  • Film valve
  • Low to medium solder paste dispense

To learn more about the SCS PrecisionCoat VI and its various machine configurations, visit scsequip.com.

Global Coverage Issue 98, Spring 2024