Issue 98 | Spring 2024
Electric vehicle plugged into a charging station by a body of water with windmills in the background.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Reliability – How to Meet Uptime Requirements

The average uptime of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, an essential metric for assessing the reliability of EV infrastructure, has become a focal point for both users and operators. A recent study analyzed the performance of chargers across various networks, revealing a notable discrepancy between claimed and actual uptimes. While EV service providers (EVSPs) often report an uptime of 95 to 98%, independent studies, including a field study in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, have found that only about 72.5% of chargers were functional at any given time1,2. This discrepancy underscores the challenges faced in achieving the U.S. Federal Highway Administration’s mandate for an average annual uptime greater than 97% for each charging port3.