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SCS Introduces Next Generation Labcoter® 3 (PDS 2010)

October 24, 2022

SCS recently introduced its new Labcoter® 3 Parylene deposition system (PDS 2010).  Designed for use in university research and R&D environments, SCS’ Labcoter delivers the capability to reliably create Parylene polymer films and coatings within your laboratory.

The CE-certified system features Windows®-based software with a touchscreen monitor. Built-in data logging and reporting allow deposition process parameters, including vaporizer temperatures and deposition chamber vacuum levels, to be easily exported. In addition, the Labcoter 3 features interchangeable chamber modules, closed-loop monomer pressure control and fixture rotation.

Parylene coatings are applied via a vapor deposition process in which the films grow molecule by molecule into an ultra-thin, uniform and conformal coating.  Parylene coatings can be applied in thicknesses from several hundred angstroms to 75 microns and are ideal to protect components such as circuit boards, sensors, wafers, medical devices, MEMS and elastomeric components.

To learn more about the Labcoter 3, visit scsequip.com or contact Jason Teal at 317.244.1200, ext. 0236, or jmteal@scscoatings.com.

Global Coverage Issue 93, Fall 2022