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January 10, 2021

Will HumiSeal® 1B31 Mitigate Tin Whiskers?

Tin whiskers are electrically conductive, crystalline structures of tin that sometimes grow from surfaces where tin (especially electroplated tin) is used as a final finish. They typically grow from lengths of 1-2 mm but have been observed to lengths in excess of 10 mm. They are a serious issue in the electronics world, because they... Read More >>
January 5, 2021

How to achieve Repeatable Conformal Coating Thickness

Achieving consistent conformal coating thickness is not an easy task. It requires a fair amount of training and skill. Below is an overview of three conformal coating application methods that result in repeatable thickness. Selective coating robots: These coating machines are programmed by a user to perform a repeatable coating process, resulting in a consistent... Read More >>
January 1, 2021

Potential Issues with Automated Spray Conformal Coating

There are many benefits to using a spray robot for conformal coating application. As always, there are also some potential issues that need to be evaluated prior to selecting this coating application method in an in-house environment.One potential problem with using a selective conformal coating system is the misalignment components on the PCB. This can... Read More >>
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