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May 2, 2022

Parylene Delivers Critical Barrier Protection for Medical Cables

Today’s specialized medical cables are complex components of larger systems used in all phases of preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic medical care. The essential and functional components of a medical cable include high-performance connectors, sheaths or jackets, and conductive lines. To meet and exceed the demanding needs of doctors, nurses and medical technologists, conformal coatings often... Read More >>
May 2, 2022

Coating Spotlight: SCS Acrylic Conformal Coatings

Defined by IPC-CC-830 as Type AR, acrylic conformal coatings are some of the most widely used coatings in the market today. Acrylic coatings provide strong moisture protection, are generally easy to apply and come at a relatively low cost point. While there are numerous formulations available, a few well known acrylic coatings include HumiSeal® 1B31,... Read More >>
May 2, 2022

SCS Welcomes SMarTsol Technologies and KMC Grup as International Distributors

SCS is pleased to announce its partnership with SMarTsol Technologies and KMC Grup as the company’s newest international equipment distributors. Headquartered in Zapopan, Mexico, SMarTsol is an experienced and knowledgeable provider of products and services to the electronic assembly, automotive and green technology industries. SMarTsol will be representing the SCS PrecisionCoat, spin coating, dip coating... Read More >>
March 16, 2022

Ruggedizing COTS Electronics with Parylene

Parylene Coatings and COTS Electronics Because each conformal coating material has its unique strengths, selecting the right one for a particular application often depends on the specific environment where the product is to be used. Parylene conformal coatings provide dependable protection for printed circuit boards (PCBs) and related electronic assemblies. They safeguard components from contaminants,... Read More >>
March 1, 2022

Benefits of Conformal Coatings for LEDs

LEDs are often subjected to harsh environments. To ensure that they perform reliably long term in these conditions, LEDs often rely on conformal coatings. Below are the three coatings commonly considered to protect LEDs: Parylenes: Parylenes are often selected due to their ultra-thin, optically clear nature and resistance to moisture and chemicals. Designed for harsh... Read More >>
February 16, 2022

Benefits of Parylene Coatings for Electronics

Parylene conformal coatings are some of the best protection options available for printed circuit boards, multi-layer assemblies and other electronics. The coatings are applied through a vapor phase deposition (VPD) process that transforms the solid Parylene raw material, known as dimer, into a gas, enabling complete coverage of the substrate’s surface including deep penetration into... Read More >>
February 1, 2022

Benefits of Automotive Conformal Coatings

Silicone and Parylene coatings are among the best options on the market to protect automotive electronics and components. Silicone coatings are applied by dipping, brushing or spraying, and Parylene coatings are applied by chemical vapor-based deposition (CVD). Advantages of each coating are listed below. Advantages of silicone coatings for automotive electronics include: Impact and shock... Read More >>
January 18, 2022

Parylenes for Biomedical Implantable Devices

Whenever implantable medical devices come into contact with the human body, long-term protection against body fluids, enzymes, proteins, lipids and more is vital. Biomedical surfaces commonly require a layer of protection in order to not degrade in the presence of moisture, chemicals and other potentially harmful substances. A downfall for wet chemistries, e.g., liquid coatings... Read More >>
January 4, 2022

What Can Be Parylene Coated?

We often receive the question “what can be Parylene coated?” With over 50 years of applications experience, the list of potential products and substrates that can be coated is virtually endless! A quick look at some of the different items that SCS has coated with Parylene over the years reveals, more often than not, that... Read More >>
December 13, 2021

SCS Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation and Leadership

SCS is proud to announce the celebration of its 50th anniversary. As the direct descendant of the companies that originally developed Parylene and made it a commercial success, SCS has established a legacy of innovation and leadership in the conformal coatings industry.   In 1971, Nova Tran Corporation was established in Clear Lake, Wisconsin, after... Read More >>