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Ultra-Lightweight Protection for Advanced Air Mobility

June 22, 2023

As aerospace technologies advance, world populations grow dense and people look to travel or to move products more quickly and safely, an influx of new aircraft is being developed. One type of aircraft currently in development is advanced air mobility (AAM). From carrying one to multiple passengers or transporting cargo, AAM aircraft range in both size and function and can be powered by batteries, hybrid electric systems or hydrogen fuel cells.

AAM aircraft rely on a vast amount of the latest technologies in avionics, including power and flight control systems, vehicle management, data sensors, navigation systems, collision avoidance and communications, to name a few. The electronics systems, located both inside and outside the aircraft, are frequently subjected to fluctuations in temperature, humidity, condensation and vibration as well as in-flight particulates, all of which can jeopardize function. To combat these harsh environmental conditions, aerospace engineers have relied on the proven, long-term performance of Parylene conformal coatings to protect avionics components and systems. Parylene has been used for decades in the aerospace industry for its demonstrated effectiveness as a barrier to moisture, chemicals, electrical arcing or any other adverse condition.

Weight is crucial in all aircraft, but especially those powered by batteries, as added mass drags on battery life, reducing flight time and distance. With the sheer number of avionics required to operate aircraft safely, coating weight can add up quickly. Parylene conformal coatings are ultra-lightweight and thin, typically around one one-thousandth of an inch (~1 mil). To create this thin coating, Parylene is applied as a gas in a vacuum, where the gas molecules form a truly conformal film with no air gaps or voids on coated parts; this ensures uniform, highly-durable protection around each component.

To learn more about how Parylene can add value to your avionics components or how SCS’ 21 global coating service locations can partner with you to safeguard your applications, contact SCS at +1.317.244.1200 or scscoatings.com.

Global Coverage Issue 95, Summer 2023