Cure Systems

Precision UVC (UV Cure)

The SCS Precision UVC offers full-spectrum UV curing in perfect integration with the SCS Precisioncoat.

Product Information

When materials require UV curing, manufacturers turn to the SCS Precision UVC as a reliable, robust staple in their production line. When mated with the SCS Precisioncoat, components move from coating to curing automatically, with the UV cure process being controlled by proprietary software through the coater. The Precision UVC can also be controlled by a computer, independent of a coater, for manufacturer’s convenience.

The Precision UVC has a full spectrum mercury UV source with three intensity settings and covers a cure zone 24 inches wide at an intensity of 300 W/in, making it ideal to cure a wide variety of materials, including inks, solder masks and other coatings. The system is also available with optional Heraeus Fusion UV lamps.


  • Three power levels, from 125 W/in to 300 W/in
  • 2-in to 24-in process width
  • 4-in top and bottom pass-through heights
  • 24-in pin chain conveyor (auto-width adjustment optional)
  • Heraeus Fusion UV lamps option
  • SMEMA compatibility


UV source Tubular, full spectrum mercury lamp
Arc length 25 in / 63.5 cm
Input power 7,500 W at 300 W/in / 118 W/cm
Optics Interfocused, air-cooled reflector module
UV flux 860 W/ft2 / 926 mW/cm2
UV path length 9.5 in / 24.13 cm in direction of conveyor travel
UV efficiency UV radiation = 22% of lamp power
Conveyor type Variable width, extended pin chain
Conveyor width 2 to 24 in / 5.08 to 61 cm
Drive system 2 to 20 f/min / 0.61 to 6.1 m/min
Substrate width 2 to 24 in / 5.08 to 61 cm
Maximum substrate height 4 in / 10.2 cm above and below pass line
Electrical 220 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1Ø, 9.5 KW (alternate electrical configurations available)
Exhaust requirements 625 cfm / 1,062 m3/h
Dimensions (W x D x H) 95 x 46 x 62 in / 214 x 117 x 157 cm
Weight 700 lb / 318 kg

SCS Precision UVC

The SCS Precision UVC provides robust, reliable UV curing capabilities for any production line.