Precision and performance for laboratory and production operations.

SCS Dip Coating systems, which are available in free-standing floor or tabletop models, are specifically designed for production applications that do not require large in-line systems. SCS dip coating systems can be used to apply a range of coatings, as well as photo-resists and solder masks, that are part of printed circuit board applications — all with a level of precision that manufacturer’s demand. Both SCS models include a host of features that make them an ideal choice for lab and production operations.


The SCS P-3201 Dip Coating System offers performance and reliability to manufacturers who need in-house dip coating capabilities.

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The SCS PL-3201 tabletop Dip Coater has all the features found in our P-3201 Dip Coater, plus a number of optional features that bring added performance and functionality to the process of dip coating.

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