The Comelec C50S is designed for Parylene conformal coating application in large-scale industrial production settings.

Product Information

When precise and efficient Parylene deposition equipment is needed for high-volume industrial production, the Comelec C50S ensures reliable and stable coating processes. A fully automated system with three configurable levels of user control offers a customizable operating experience. Its features and processing capabilities make it ideal for applying Parylene conformal coatings on small and medium-sized components.

To ensure the highest quality films are created, Parylene coating deposition requires a clean, contaminant-free setting that is temperature-controlled. The Comelec C50S supports these requirements by featuring a double-walled vacuum chamber that minimizes particulate contamination around the door of the chamber while circulating water to guarantee temperature regulation.

System Features

  • Thermalized chamber with double-wall technology
  • Patented low-contamination door
  • Fully automated process with user-configurable operation parameters
  • Remote access interface using a standard browser
  • Simplified maintenance design with improved access to key areas
  • CE certified

Optional Features

  • Clean room installation
  • Bar code placement for traceability
  • Advanced interface and web user experience
  • Integrated pulley for tooling placement and removal


Comelec C50S

Overall dimension (L x W x H)
102 x 27.5 x 78.7 in / 260 x 70 x 200 cm
881 lb / 400 kg
Chamber size
17.7 x 25.5 in / 45 x 66 cm
Tooling size
13.4 x 24 in / 34 x 61 cm
Max tooling load
220 lb / 100 kg
Dimer capacity
1.10 lb / 500 g
3 x 400V + N + PE – 50 Hz, 3 x 25A - 15kW
Thermalized chamber – Temperature range
20°C - 30°C