The SCS PDS 2060PC is designed to precisely apply Parylene conformal coatings in a production setting.

Product Information

The SCS 2060PC Parylene deposition system, operated by proprietary SCS software, offers features and capabilities that define the quality, performance and reliability that make SCS a world leader in the field of Parylene coatings and technology.

Parylene coatings are applied at ambient temperatures with deposition equipment that enables control of both coating rate and ultimate thickness. Polymer deposition takes place at themolecular level, and precise control over the coating process is critical to a high-quality coating.

System Features

  • Windows®-based operating system
  • User configurable operating parameters
  • Temperature and pressure data collection
  • Battery back-up for safe system shut-down
  • NFPA-79 and CE conformance
  • Automated vaporizer and pump valves
  • Variety of vertical and horizontal chamber designs

Optional Features

  • Vacuum pump exhaust filtration
  • Cascade refrigeration system with cold probe temperature sensor
  • Automatic liquid nitrogen control
  • Tumble coating capabilities


Specifications for SCS 2060PC are available upon request. To speak to a member of the SCS Parylene technology team and to request a quote, contact us online or call +1.317.244.1200.