The Comelec C30H ALD precisely layers Parylene and ALD for optimal barrier protection and efficient production.

Product Information

The Comelec C30H ALD multilayer deposition system’s size and performance capabilities are designed for research and testing and industrial production settings. It is well-suited to apply multilayer conformal coatings for complex, three-dimensional components used in electronics, medical devices, conductors and similar applications.

The C30H ALD layers Parylene and inorganic layers, specifically aluminum hydroxide (AL2O3) and/or titanium hydroxide (TiO2) using a remote plasma source to generate precursors that will trigger the surface reactions necessary to “grow” the layers of Parylene and ALD. The system is also equipped with a gas panel with four heated precursor lines to increase vapor pressure and temperature for precise results.

System Features

  • Thermalized chamber with double-wall technology
  • Patented low-contamination door
  • Fully automated process with user-configurable operation parameters
  • Remote plasma source
  • Gas panel with 4 heated precursors
  • Remote access interface using a standard browser
  • Simplified maintenance design with improved access to key areas

Optional Features

  • Clean room installation
  • Bar code placement for traceability
  • Advanced interface and web user experience
  • Integrated pulley for tooling placement and removal
  • Additional heated precursor lines


Comelec C30H ALD

Overall dimension (L x W x H)
88.5 x 46 x 57 in / 225 x 116 x 145 cm
771.6 lb / 350 kg
Chamber size
11. 6 x 14.5 in / 29.5 x 37 cm
Tooling size
10.2 x 12.6 in / 26 x 32 cm
Max tooling load
220 lb / 100 kg
Dimer capacity
0.33 lb / 150 g
3 x 400 V + N + PE – 50 Hz, 3 x 25A – 15kW
Thermalized chamber power
3 x 400V + PE – 50Hz
3x 14A – 9kW
Thermalized chamber temperature range
20°C – 80°C
Remote plasma source
Frequency: 1.7 – 3MHz, Power: 3000W
Process temperature
Parylene: room temperature, ALD: 60°C - 80°C