Robust cure systems from a leader in coatings.

Manufacturers know that the coating, dispensing and/or potting process doesn’t end once the material is applied. Most materials require some sort of finishing step, or cure force, to dry, harden or cure the coating. For those materials that require thermal or UV cure forces, SCS manufacturers cure systems that are robust, reliable and ensure that your process is as efficient as possible.

SCS curing systems mate with PrecisionCoat units for seamless coating and curing. They can also function as stand-alone units and/or in conjunction with a production line via SMEMA compatibility.

PrecisionCure UVC (MUV)

The SCS PrecisionCure UVC microwave UV curing system provides customers with unmatched flexibility. This new, innovative curing system features programmable curing profiles and the smallest footprint in the industry to maximize valuable production floor space.

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Precision UVC (UV Cure)

The SCS Precision UVC offers full-spectrum UV curing in perfect integration with the SCS PrecisionCoat.

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PrecisionCure TC (IR)

The SCS PrecisionCure TC infrared radiation (IR) thermal curing system provides customers with the reliability and efficiency needed throughout the curing process.

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The SCS PrecisionHeat infrared radiation (IR) thermal preheating system is ideal for heating substrates prior to dispensing underfill materials.

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