Technology for advanced conformal coating applications.

SCS offers Parylene deposition systems that range from a portable laboratory unit to production models for high-volume manufacturing applications. SCS Parylene deposition systems are designed for accurate and repeatable operation, featuring closed-loop monomer pressure control, which ensures deposition of the polymer film at a precise rate. Whether researching new coating applications or developing structures out of Parylene in the laboratory, or coating components in a production environment, SCS leads the industry with its state-of-the-art Parylene deposition systems.

SCS PDS 2010 Labcoter® 3

The SCS Labcoter® gives university and R&D laboratories the best in Parylene coating technology, in a compact, portable system, enabling researchers to develop and design with the polymer Parylene.

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The SCS PDS 2060PC is designed to precisely apply Parylene conformal coatings in a production setting.

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Comelec C30S

The Comelec C30S is ideal for applying Parylene conformal coatings in laboratory settings.

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Comelec C50S

The Comelec C50S is designed for Parylene conformal coating application in large-scale industrial production settings.

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