Reliability and flexibility for research, development, and more.

For universities and laboratories around the globe, SCS Spin Coaters provide ideal technology for spin coating applications. Combining precise control with flexibility, they’re perfect for a range of applications.

SCS Spin Coaters are available in different configurations, each designed and manufactured to provide laboratories with a highly efficient and accurate means of applying uniform coatings. Our spin coating line also includes optional accessories to support the varying needs found in a laboratory environment. And all are backed by SCS and its decades of experience in coating research and development.

G3 Spin Coater Series

Compact yet packed with performance features, the SCS G3 Spin Coater series combines precision with control for highly effective coating applications development. Adding to its performance is a number of optional features.

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6800 Spin Coater Series

The SCS 6800 Spin Coater Series offers researchers efficiency and accuracy they can rely on.

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Multi-Dispense System

When more than one material is part of a coating application, one name delivers consistent performance. SCS Multi-Dispense gives you four dispense modules to make the coating application and development process even more efficient.

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