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Multilayer coatings are stacked structures alternating different thin films. In Parylene-based multilayer coatings, ultra-thin layers of Parylene alternate with layers of inorganic material to ensure the highest level of reliability, performance and protection. In the past, conventional methods of application required separate equipment – one machine to apply Parylene layers and one for inorganic layers. While the results were excellent, alternating between the two systems increased both production time and cost. Today, SCS offers innovative, multilayer hybrid equipment that layers Parylene with inorganic materials in a single machine, achieving comprehensive encapsulation while significantly reducing production time and cost.

These hybrid deposition chambers integrate dedicated independent gas panels, pumping lines and other separate functions in a fully modular and independent design. SCS CE-certified multilayer coating systems are available in two configurations.

Comelec C30H ALD

The Comelec C30H ALD is designed for precise atomic layer deposition (ALD) of aluminum hydroxide (Al2O3) and titanium hydroxide (TiO2). It can be used in laboratory research and testing and industrial production.

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