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Specialty Coating Systems Offers Parylene Seminar

October 1, 2008

(Indianapolis, Indiana) — Specialty Coating Systems announced today that it is offering a one-day seminar to introduce Parylene coating solutions for the medical device, electronics, automotive and aerospace industries. An SCS Market Specialist will present the Parylene Workshop to introduce Parylene conformal coatings as a surface modification solution for numerous material, component and device challenges.

Parylene conformal coatings are ultra-thin, pinhole-free polymer coatings that offer many valuable surface treatment properties, including excellent moisture, chemical and dielectric barrier properties, thermal and UV stability, and dry-film lubricity.

Parylene is equally at home in the medical device, automotive, electronics and aerospace/military industries. For example, biocompatible Parylene is applied to coronary stents and cochlear implants; thermally-resistant Parylene to automotive under-the-hood and tire pressure sensors and indicator lighting systems; UV-resistant Parylene on stadium and outdoor lighting displays; as well as chemical, moisture and dielectric barrier coatings on very high-value electronics for deep space probes and civilian and military aircraft avionics. Additionally, as nanotechnologies push their respective envelopes into smaller and smaller dimensions, performance reliability in the various environments these devices encounter has prompted many manufacturers to investigate the world of Parylene conformal coatings. Parylene is finding increasing applications in both these macro as well as nano worlds.

Specialty Coating Systems leads the industry in providing Parylene coating solutions for advanced technologies. SCS is the direct descendant of the companies that originally developed Parylene, and has more than 35 years of experience and expertise that is applied to every project – from the initial planning phases, to advanced engineering, to the development of application processes. SCS’ worldwide resources include some of the world’s foremost Parylene specialists and expert manufacturing personnel working in nine state-of-the-art coating facilities around the globe.

The seminar will appeal to engineers in many disciplines, including R&D, design, manufacturing, quality, materials and electronics, as well as to those involved in regulatory affairs and product management.

Whether you are casually interested in the polymer Parylene, are investigating it for possible application or have already decided to use its unique properties in your products, Specialty Coating Systems is your source … for Parylene knowledge, for coating services, and for applications expertise. To enhance your knowledge of this unique polymer, you are invited to attend a Parylene Seminar at any of three European locations:Marburg (north of Frankfurt) ……………….…… 13 October 2008
Breisach (west of Freiburg im Breisgau) ………….. 14 October 2008
Ramsau (southwest of Salzburg) …………………….. 15 October 2008