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Specialty Coating Systems Announces New Features on Precisioncoat Spray and Dispense System

February 1, 2009

(Indianapolis, Indiana) — Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) has announced the availability of new features for its Precisioncoat spray and dispense system. The new features – programmable tilt and rotate, needle calibration and a vision system – join the system’s easy-to-use offline programming as options that help customers achieve maximum efficiency, flexibility and accuracy as they spray and dispense coatings onto printed circuit assemblies, devices and other substrates.

The Precisioncoat’s programmable tilt and rotate functionality provides users the flexibility of 5-axes to coat alongside and underneath a wide variety of components. In addition to precise movement along the x, y and z axes, this option offers programmable tilt up to ± 60° and complete 360° rotation in 1° increments.

The needle calibration feature is designed to verify that the needle is in the correct position. If the needle is offset, the program will adjust accordingly so that the board is accurately coated. The software can be set to calibrate at user-defined intervals or it can be manually calibrated at any time.

The Precisioncoat’s new vision system utilizes fiducial or pattern recognition to identify the exact location of the board to be coated. If the board is offset, the program will compensate for its new position, ensuring that each and every board is coated exactly as the user intended.

The SCS Precisioncoat leads the industry in its programming capabilities and operational flexibility. Its proprietary software and state-of-the-art design provide customers with a robust and reliable system they can count on to meet demanding production schedules. To learn more about the SCS Precisioncoat, visit www.scsequip.com or call 317.244.1200.

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