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SCS to Showcase Industry-leading Coating and Curing Technologies at the 2023 IPC APEX EXPO 

January 12, 2023

January 12, 2023 (Indianapolis, IN) – Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) will exhibit in Booth #2301 at the 2023 IPC APEX EXPO, scheduled to take place Jan. 24-26, 2023 at the San Diego Convention Center in California.

The SCS team will showcase the Precisioncoat VI, PrecisionCure UVC (MUV) and conformal coating services. With outstanding reliability and precision, the PrecisionCoat VI offers customers unmatched conformal coating and dispensing flexibility through a wide range of valves, tools and features.  

SCS will have its industry-leading Automatic Quick Change (AQC) feature available for live demonstrations on the PrecisionCoat VI platform. The system will feature five programmable axes, servo motor position control and up to eight tools on a single machine to achieve exceptional accuracy, repeatability and high throughput for a wide range of automated material applications.  

Additionally, SCS will exhibit its innovative curing system that features programmable curing profiles and the smallest footprint in the industry to maximize valuable production floor space. The PrecisionCure UVC microwave UV curing system provides customers with the flexibility needed to take their manufacturing operation to the next level. 

The PrecisionCure UVC (MUV) utilizes Heraeus Noblelight® microwave-activated UV lamps, the industry standard in microwave UV curing technology, and features a patent-pending lamp movement trolley that enables the UV lamp to move across the horizontal axis over a product on the conveyor. The curing system’s advanced lamp travel technology coupled with programmable curing profiles provides users with unparalleled control over the curing process. 

With more than 50 years of experience in conformal coating engineering and applications, SCS is the world leader in Parylene, liquid, plasma polymerized, ALD and multilayer conformal coating technologies. The company is a direct descendant of the companies that originally developed Parylene, and leverages that expertise on every project – from initial planning to process application. 

For more information, please visit www.scsequip.com

About Specialty Coating Systems 
Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Specialty Coating Systems offers industry-leading liquid coating systems, including spray, spin and dip coating systems, thermal and UV cure systems and ionic contamination test systems. SCS also offers world-leading conformal coating services, systems and materials with more than 50 years of application experience and expertise in the medical device, electronics, transportation and defense industries. With locations throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, SCS leverages its worldwide resources to meet customer needs on a global basis. To find out more about SCS and its leading product lines, visit www.scsequip.com