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SCS Parylene Offers Unmatched Protection for Maritime Electronics

January 10, 2009

(Indianapolis, Indiana) – As technologies continue to advance, electronic components and systems are finding endless applications in the maritime industry. This increased use is not without challenge as electronic components and systems must not only encounter harsh salt and fresh water environments, they must survive them … or face premature failure. For nearly 40 years, vacuum-deposited Parylene conformal coatings have offered excellent barrier protection from harsh elements, ensuring components a long, trouble-free life.

SCS Parylene protects components so they can survive environments where moisture, chemical, electrical, temperature and UV-stability challenges exist. Electronic systems, sub-sea telecommunication equipment, sonar buoys, hydrocarbon exploration sensors, reconnaissance systems and devices and elastomeric seals are just a few of the applications that can benefit from the unmatched protection SCS Parylene offers.

The benefits of SCS Parylene include:

  • Inert barrier protects against moisture, chemicals, salts, solvents, and the corrosion that results from such exposure.
  • Optical clarity and uniform, ultra-thin nature ensures that signal transmission is never lost or distorted due to uneven thicknesses, voids or discoloration.
  • Superb dielectric properties enable electrical signal transfer without absorption or loss.
  • Exceptional UV stability protects components from yellowing or cracking with prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light (SCS Parylene HT®).
  • Unmatched thermal stability — up to 350°C long-term, 450°C short-term – protects components that operate in extreme temperature environments (SCS Parylene HT).

Strong adhesion of Parylene is critical to enable the coating to provide maximum benefit. SCS has responded to advances in material technologies by introducing AdPro Plus®, an adhesion promotion technique that improves adhesion of Parylene coatings to materials such as titanium, stainless steel, gold, chromium, Santoprene, polyimide, polycarbonate and solder mask, to name a few. Additionally, AdPro Plus has demonstrated improved stability at elevated temperatures, making it an excellent adhesion promotion tool for harsh environment applications.

For more information on SCS Parylene coatings, technologies and applications, visit scscoatings.com or call 317.244.1200.

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