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SCS Launches New Features on Ionograph® Cleanliness Test Systems

September 28, 2010

New Features of system and software debut at Assembly & Automotive Technology Expo

September 28, 2010 (Indianapolis, Indiana) – Specialty Coating Systems is pleased to introduce new features on SCS Ionograph® ionic contamination test systems and PowerView software at the Assembly & Automation Technology Expo in Rosemont, Illinois, September 28-30, 2010.

SCS Ionograph systems now feature an all-in-one onboard computer for efficient control and monitoring of SCS Ionographs. Additionally, the enhanced version of PowerView software offers new features to help simplify ionic contamination testing and results analysis. According to SCS Equipment Program Manager Bill Boyd, “The new and improved PowerView software takes the guesswork out of solution concentration during testing and answers our customers’ needs for more robust reporting of test results.”

SCS PowerView software now includes an enhanced “Check IPA” feature that not only displays the percent of alcohol present in the solution, but also provides the milliliters of alcohol or water needed to achieve 75% IPA, which is key to accurate contamination testing results. Users may also filter test data by profile, part number, lot number, pass/fail, and/or test date range, and the results are displayed in a graphical summary, where users can zoom in/out to view specific aspects, save in various formats, print, and utilize the data to ensure process control standards are being met.

SCS Ionograph ionic contamination test systems utilize the ‘dynamic’ testing method to determine the cleanliness of electronic components, assemblies with SMT devices, and bare and assembled printed circuit boards. Specialty Coating Systems’ name is synonymous in the industry with automated ROSE (Resistivity of Solvent Extract) test systems, leading the industry with the SCS Ionograph and Omegameter test systems.

Demonstrations of the SCS Ionograph SMD II and PowerView software will be available during the 2010 Assembly & Automation Technology Expo. For more information on these new features, contact Bill Boyd at 317.244.1200.

Note: Photos available upon request.

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