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SCS Debuts New Jetting Technology at APEX IPC Expo

March 24, 2014

SCS Precisioncoat Features New Highly Accurate Jet Technology in Booth 2153

March 24, 2014 – (Indianapolis, Indiana) – SCS is pleased to announce the availability of Jetting technology on the SCS Precisioncoat. SCS’ new jetting valve, which will be debuted at APEX IPC Expo, allows the Precisioncoat to dispense fluids quickly and accurately, offering superior control when dispensing a wide variety of materials.

Enabling the precise delivery of materials with viscosities up to 400,000 cps at speeds up to 300 drops/second, SCS’ Jetting technology is perfect for coating and dispensing applications where extreme accuracy and repeatability is required. It is also perfect for dispensing materials in the tight spaces, such as between and under components, as it requires only 300 µm clearance. This non-contact, high-speed, accurate jet valve technology, when coupled with the industry-leading SCS Precisioncoat platform, provides the most robust system for your coating and dispensing needs.

For more information about the SCS Precisioncoat and this new Jetting technology, contact SCS Equipment Program Manager Brad Banfill at 317.472.1230 or bbanfill@scscoatings.com.

To view a video of the Precisioncoat’s new Jetting Technology, click here.

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