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New SCS Precisioncoat Tool Changer Offers More Flexibility in Coating

March 7, 2016

(Indianapolis, IN) – Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) is pleased to introduce the new SCS Precisioncoat Tool Changer – a flexible, advanced coating feature on SCS’ Precisioncoat V platform. The Precisioncoat Tool Changer is a robust, motor-driven 5-axis system capable of selecting and hanging up to five valves and/or tools within a single program profile. Each valve and/or tool enjoys programmable 0-360° rotation and +/- 0-45° tilt. Because multiple heads are combined into one system, the SCS Precisioncoat boasts a full 22.5” (571 mm) x 21” (533 mm) work area on every valve. The SCS Precisioncoat also has the largest pass-through height available, measuring 5” on top and bottom.

In the world of production equipment, manufacturers are looking for ways to improve their return on investment – especially when it comes to liquid applications. Customers desire machines capable of doing more than conformal coating, without having to give up important aspects such as work area and valve articulation. Often, multiple valves, multiple materials and UV spot cure systems cause the price of a machine to increase, while the available work area decreases. The SCS Precisioncoat Tool Changer makes it easy to quickly pick up the active valve or tool, then drop it off and pick up another. This can be done with up to five valves within the same program with no operator intervention, while maintaining the unit’s large work area.

The SCS Precisioncoat Tool Changer design allows SCS to take an entirely new approach to maximizing how manufacturers utilize a very precise platform to deliver the best possible return on investment and flexibility. To learn more about the SCS Precisioncoat Tool Changer coating system, please contact SCS at +1.317.244.1200 or visit the company online at www.SCSequip.com.

About Specialty Coating Systems

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