New Updates Enhance SCS Precisioncoat Equipment

Industry leader SCS is pleased to announce several new features to Precisioncoat. Continually advancing and updating their systems to meet manufacturing needs, new features including High-speed Tilt, Quick Change Valves, Continuous Material Supply, Temperature Control Systems, Cartridge Syringe Dispense Drive with Stepper Motor, and Software Features are why customers turn to SCS and the Precisioncoat for custom conformal coating and dispensing solutions.

New Features include:

High-Speed Tilt

  • Options to achieve 360° conformal coating on key components and dispensing around complex component patterns.
  • High speed rotation and approximately 0-20° tilt.
  • Moves in all directions without winding pneumatic and material lines, and eliminating the need for reverse rotation.
  • Single motor drive is compact and perfect for quick, repeatable circular motion.

Quick Change Valves

  • Designed to increase flexibility and versatility.
  • Quick release tooling plate allows multiple valves to be used without compromising the effective work area of the machine.
  • Can be reconfigured for multiple applications with minimal machine changeover.
  • Materials and applications as diverse as mask dispensing, component staking and conformal coating can now be combined in a single cost-effective system.

Continuous Material Supply 

  • Allows the machine to continue operating while the coating material is being replenished.
  • While the system runs on the full reservoir, the empty chamber can be refilled as the machine continues to operate.
  • Crossover system automatically changes between reservoirs and alerts the operator when there is an empty one to be filled.

Temperature Control System

  • Material heating system safely warms the coating material to provide the precision that our customers expect.
  • Heating the material in the coating lines provides additional repeatability without the complexity of pumping systems or stopping to check flow rate. With some materials, heating reduces the viscosity, resulting in improved flow and self-leveling.

Cartridge Syringe Dispense Drive with Stepper Motor

  • Materials pre-packed in small volume, single or two-component packages can now be dispensed with consistency and accuracy.
  • New stepper-driven delivery system is motor-driven and software-controlled to provide accurate and repeatable dots, beads and potting.
  • Coupled with the accuracy of the Precisioncoat motion platform, these prepackaged materials, which are typically applied by hand, can now be automated for complete process optimization.

Software Features

  • Teach mode, where programmers create new coating profiles, has been improved with several new features, and pattern storage has also been added so that motion programmers have the ability to save and reuse a motion pattern over and over.
  • New features include undo and redo buttons, point selection from onscreen part image and onscreen point location drag-to-edit.
  • Precisioncoat software is now available in German, Spanish and Chinese.

To learn more about the SCS Precisioncoat and how it can improve your conformal coating process, please contact SCS Equipment Sales Manager, Hans Bok, at 508.997.4136 or