SCS’ Superior Adhesion Parylene Technology

Last year, Specialty Coating Systems introduced a new adhesion promotion technology – SCS AdPro Poly®. This technology was specially engineered to solve the adhesion challenges of several polymeric materials, including polyimide (Kapton®), enabling Parylene coatings to provide long-term reliability and protection for complex technologies.

In the electronics, medical device, automotive, and military/aerospace industries, various thin-film coatings are utilized for surface protection, enhancement, and biostability to improve the overall dependability of polymeric devices.

According to SCS Vice President of Technology, Dr. Rakesh Kumar, “One problematic aspect of using polymeric substrates relates to adhesion of such coatings to the devices’ surfaces. Factors such as surface contamination, presence of oxide layers and low surface energy substrates can lead to poor adhesion and the reduction in the effectiveness of coatings used in these devices.”

SCS has solved this major challenge by introducing AdPro Poly®, a technology that improves the adhesion of Parylene coating with polyimide and other polymeric substrates at a level which has never been possible before. This new technology – AdPro Poly – has also demonstrated enhanced stability at elevated temperatures making it an excellent adhesion promotion system for most harsh environment applications. Another benefit is that AdPro Poly is biocompatible for the medical device applications.

When pairing AdPro Poly with SCS Parylene coatings, the long-term reliability and protection for our customers’ products and technologies is elevated to a new level.