SCS Parylene Benefits the Oil & Gas Industry

An ever-growing number of manufacturers of oil and gas drilling components have turned to SCS to provide Parylene coatings to help ensure the reliability of their products.

Oil and gas drilling requires tools that include numerous sensors and other electronics both above and below the ground. These sensors are used to monitor flow, temperature, pressure and location of the drill head. Because of the harsh conditions, these electronic devices must withstand pressures of 10,000 psi and temperatures around 300° C, along with exposure to oil, gas and other drilling compounds, fluids and harsh vapors.

SCS’ Parylene coating provides an excellent barrier to moisture and chemicals.  Parylene is applied as a gas in a vacuum, leaving no air gaps to outgas and damage electronics under extreme pressure. In addition, Parylene HT® can withstand temperatures up to 450° C short-term, 350° C long-term.

As the oil and gas industry continues to use new technologies for more effective drilling, Parylene conformal coatings offers to protect electronics, reducing downtime, a major cause of revenue loss for these companies.

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