SCS Offers Educational Parylene Seminars

Specialty Coating Systems is pleased to offer free educational seminars in Malaysia and Singapore this spring. These half-day seminars will introduce Parylene conformal coatings and their beneficial properties for the medical device, electronics, automotive and defense/aerospace industries. An SCS technical specialist will present the seminars, which discuss Parylene as a surface treatment solution for a wide array of applications.

Ultra-thin, pinhole-free Parylene conformal coatings offer many benefits, including excellent moisture, chemical and dielectric barrier properties, biocompatibility and biostability, thermal and UV stability, and dry film lubricity. Parylene offers reliable protection for devices such as stents, pacemakers, catheters, surgical tools, circuit boards, sensors and LEDs, to name a few.

These seminars appeal to engineers in many disciplines, including R&D, design, manufacturing, quality, materials and electronics, as well as those involved in regulatory affairs and product management. If you are new to Parylene, interested in learning more, investigating solutions for design challenges or currently use Parylene in your products, these seminars are the place to gain knowledge of the latest features and applications of Parylene conformal coatings.

For more information on the free seminars this May in Malaysia and Singapore, and to register, please visit