SCS ‘RISE’s to Meet Global Challenges

Respect – Integrity – Service – Excellence (RISE) – these are the core values, the foundation, upon which Specialty Coating Systems has grown. These core values make us unique. They define what we uphold as important and shape the culture of the company for our customers.

According to President and CEO Terry Bush, “Our desire is for all employees, both long-time veterans and those newly hired, to be reminded of the values that brought SCS to where we are today and be encouraged to live out those values in an ongoing commitment to our customers and communities.”

SCS believes in its four core values: Respect – Integrity – Service – Excellence (RISE).

  • Respect: Showing consideration and appreciation for others and their contributions, points of view, talents and uniqueness.
  • Integrity: Upholding the highest ethical standards by being truthful, responsible and accountable for all activities and commitments undertaken.
  • Service: Considering our customers, both internal and external, in every decision, transaction and communication.
  • Excellence: Continuously striving to achieve the highest personal and professional standards in all that we do.

SCS has grown steadily from operating a handful of regional coating facilities to operating twelve facilities in eight countries around the globe. The RISE values are the foundation the company will continue to build on, as we provide innovative solutions to help our customers be successful.


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