Protecting Lady Gaga’s Kiss

In June 2011, Lady Gaga arrived in Tokyo, just three months after a massive earthquake and tsunami, to help raise relief funds for victims of the devastation. During a press conference in Tokyo, Lady Gaga marked a teacup with her lipstick.

Written on the teacup was the Japanese message “Nihon no tame ni inori wo” (We pray for Japan). She vowed to auction the teacup, which also bore her autograph, to raise funds for the recovery process in Tohoku.

The successful bidder, a doctor who volunteered throughout the recovery process, paid approximately $60,000 and donated the teacup and saucer to Miyagi Prefecture to memorialize the disaster that touched many lives in the area.  Parylene Japan, LLC was asked by Miyagi Prefecture to protect the image of Lady Gaga’s lipstick without changing the appearance of the teacup. In 2013, Parylene Japan coated the teacup with Parylene to forever protect the kiss.

Today, the teacup is displayed in Tohoku History Museum in Miyagi Prefecture. It serves as a symbol of heartfelt support from all over the world.