SCS – The World Leader in Parylene Coatings

Parylene advanced in the 1940’s when Michael Szwarc, a leader in physical chemistry, escaped Eastern Europe and followed his talents in measuring the energy distribution of chemical bonds. This talent pointed him and others to the development of Parylene – a coating technology that conforms to any exposed surface.

Parylene is used to coat syringes, implants, catheters, motor components, aviation electronics, circuit arrays, sensors, ferrite cores and hundreds of other medical, electronic, automotive, LEDS and military components and products.

With over 40 years of Parylene engineering and applications expertise, Specialty Coating Systems is the world leader in Parylene conformal coating technologies. We partner with our customers to provide industry leading coatings that protect and enhance their innovative technologies and products. We also want to make it as easy as possible for our customers, so we have countless capabilities. This includes providing several resources to meet their unique product and performance specifications. SCS and/or SCS Parylene coatings comply to the following standards and certifications:

  • AS9100C certification
  • ISO 9001:2008 certification
  • U.S. FDA Device & Drug Master Files
  • ISO 10993 Biological Evaluations
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For more information about Specialty Coating Systems and/or Parylene technology, please contact us online to speak to one of our application specialist or you can call +1.317.451.8549.

More Information. SCS Parylene conformal coatings are ultra-thin, pinhole-free polymer coatings that provide a number of high-value surface treatment properties such as excellent moisture, chemical and dielectric barrier properties, thermal and UV stability, and dry-film lubricity. These properties make SCS coatings the ideal choice for a number of applications throughout the medical device, electronics, automotive, and military industries.