SCS Parylene Coating Systems Facilities

11 Parylene Coating Facilities Around the World

SCS’ Parylene coating services are expanding to one of the most innovative cities in the world.

Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) now has 11 Parylene coating facilities around the world — Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Ireland, Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom, California, Indiana, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Texas. Last November, SCS announced the expansion of its Parylene coating service operations to Austin, Texas. This new 13,000 square foot facility opened its doors May 10, 2012.

Austin, Texas, is gaining national recognition as a leading innovation hub. Earlier this year, Austin was ranked by the Intelligent Community Foundation as one of the 7 most innovative cities in the world. Austin’s ranking was based on the city’s leading efforts in regards to innovation, broadband connectivity, knowledge workforce, digital inclusion, marketing, and advocacy.

“The expansion of our business into Texas reinforces SCS’s commitment to our core strategy of delivering local, high quality Parylene coating services,” commented Terry Bush, SCS President and CEO.

According to Tim Bender, SCS Executive VP, Sales and Marketing, “The new Texas facility allows SCS to provide greater support to meet the regional needs of our ever-expanding customer base.”

SCS leverages its worldwide Parylene coating resources in order to meet its customers’ needs on a global basis.