Parylene 101: Electrical Properties

SCS Parylene conformal coatings provide three main benefits: electrical, mechanical and barrier properties.  Here are a few insights to the electrical properties of Parylene.

  1. Parylene is a high performance solution that provides excellent dielectric properties in an ultra-thin film, generally not attainable with alternative materials and processes. The break down voltages of both Parylene C and N films have been determined as a function of polymer thickness. Parylene C is superior to N in this respect for films under 5 micrometers (0.0002-in).
  2. The Parylenes have excellent dielectric strength, withstanding voltages even below 1 micrometer coating thickness, and the voltage breakdown per unit thickness generally increases with decreasing film thickness.

SCS maintains data for Parylene insulation performance on printed circuit substrates (per MIL- I-46058C). Insulation resistance measurements were recorded during temperature/humidity cycling in accordance with MIL-STD-202. For very thin coatings (0.0001-in.), Parylene insulation resistance values are about one order of magnitude above the prescribed specification.   For more information on the electrical properties of Parylene, please visit or call 317.244.1200.