SCS Offers Educational Parylene Seminars

Specialty Coating Systems is pleased to offer free educational seminars in Malaysia and Singapore this spring. These half-day seminars will introduce Parylene conformal coatings and their beneficial properties for the medical device, electronics, automotive and defense/aerospace industries. An SCS technical specialist will present the seminars, which discuss Parylene as a surface treatment solution for a Read More >>

SCS Redesigns Ionograph Systems

SCS recently released new designs for its industry-leading Ionograph product line. The new Ionograph SMD V and Ionograph BT Series (bench top models) are the latest in SCS’ line of ionic contamination test systems, which are synonymous in the industry with automated ROSE (Resistivity of Solvent Extracts) testing. SCS Ionographs are designed to meet the Read More >>

SCS Ionograph® BT Series Receives 2015 NPI Award

SCS received a 2015 NPI (New Product Innovation) Award in the category of Process Control Tools for its Ionograph BT Series during a ceremony at the IPC APEX Expo in February. Premiering in 2008, the NPI Awards program is an annual celebration of product excellence in the electronics assembly industry. Awarded products are the finest examples Read More >>

SCS Introduces the Precisioncoat V Conformal Coating System

Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) is pleased to introduce its new Precisioncoat V conformal coating system. The Precisioncoat V, available in conformal coating, dispensing and/or potting platforms, offers maximum flexibility and efficiency for manufacturers. The SCS Precisioncoat V’s conformal coating and dispense valves move smoothly along the three axis system, with an option to add fully Read More >>

SCS Will Debut the Latest Precisioncoat and Contamination Test Systems at APEX

Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) will exhibit in Booth #3101 at the IPC APEX EXPO, scheduled to take place Feb. 24-26, 2015, at the San Diego Convention Center in California. SCS will debut its new Precisioncoat V conformal coating system, along with its new Ionograph® SMD V and Ionograph® BT Series (bench top) contamination test systems. Read More >>

Parylene 101: Electrical Properties

SCS Parylene conformal coatings provide three main benefits: electrical, mechanical and barrier properties.  Here are a few insights to the electrical properties of Parylene. Parylene is a high performance solution that provides excellent dielectric properties in an ultra-thin film, generally not attainable with alternative materials and processes. The break down voltages of both Parylene C Read More >>

Parylene Protects Components in Space Exploration

Space exploration vehicles like satellites, probes, shuttles and spacecraft all rely heavily on electronics, which need to remain functional and reliable through extreme temperature, pressure and radiation environments. SCS Parylene coatings provide excellent chemical and moisture barrier, ultra-thin (lightweight) and pinhole-free coverage, multi-layer penetration and ultraviolet stability. Parylene provides unparalleled protection to components in space Read More >>

HAYABUSA 2, Asteroid Explorer, Relies on Parylene Coating

HAYABUSA 2 is the follow-on mission to the HAYABUSA. As Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) entered phase two of this project, SCS’ Japanese coating center had the opportunity to Parylene coat twenty printed circuit boards (PCBs) that were mounted inside the asteroid explorer. The Parylene coating protects the electronics from the harsh conditions in space Read More >>