The Benefits of Parylene Pre-filled Syringes

The use of pre-filled syringes is readily growing in the health care industry. Parylene conformal coatings provide valuable benefits to syringe assemblies of all types by virtue of its increased lubricity to diminish plunger “stiction”, as well as by providing superior barrier properties to the various components of the assembly.

A pre-filled syringe is a single dose of a medication obtained in a pre- packaged syringe-needle assembly.  Advantages driving the growth of pre-filled syringes:

  • Ease of use not only for the health care provider, but also for the individual who may self-administer specific medication.
  • Patient safety (as a result of ease of use): improved dosage accuracy, higher sterility, easier storage, and reduced risk of medication errors
  • Reduction in overfill, i.e. waste, which is the 20% to 25% of the initial volume you see left in the vial.

Pre-filled syringes are not without their challenges. Modern day drugs have become so aggressive that they essentially attack their pharmaceutical containers. When pre-filled syringes dwell in storage, two things can happen: 1) “stiction” occurs and the plunger cannot freely slide upon first push. It takes longer to break free, causing an initial uneven delivery of the drug. 2) the rubber used for the plungers my contain unwanted trace elements that can leach out of or be extracted from the stopper,  contaminating the contents of the syringe and compromising the effectiveness of the medication or patient safety.

Important to note: Parylene has been demonstrated to provide key barrier properties to prevent contamination of the solution, providing critical protection to the medicine and the patient as well as having a lubricious surface which makes for a smoother injection that is more comfortable for the patient.

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