Benefits of Parylene Coating

Top 10 Benefits of Using Parylene

SCS partners with customers to provide industry-leading Parylene coatings that protect and enhance their innovative technologies.

Since its commercialization in 1965, Parylene has had a long history in protecting products in the medical, automotive, electronics, aerospace, and military industries. This technology has solved many design challenges for multiple products in these industries. For example, Parylene ultra-thin coatings provide conformal pinhole-free barriers. It coats all shapes, crevices and edges with the same thickness.

Although Parylene has numerous benefits, here is a list of the top 10 benefits of using Parylene compared to other conventional coatings:

1. Ultra-thin and conformal film – Parylene coating thickness ranges from 500 angstroms to 75 microns. 2. Superior thermal stability – Parylene HT® is thermally stable up to 450 degrees.

3. Biostable and Biocompatible – SCS Parylenes N, C, and Parylene HT comply with biological testing requirements for ISO-10993 and are USP Class IV certified. 4. Excellent moisture and chemicalbarrier coating – Parylene provides a superior pinhole-free, uniform barrier that is resistant to chemical attacks from organic solvents, inorganic reagents, acids, oxygen, corrosive liquids and gases, and moisture.

5. Excellent UV Stability – SCS Parylene HT® offers UV stability after more than 2,000 hours of UV exposure.

6. Lubricity – SCS Parylene provides a low coefficient of friction, providing dry film lubricity to a number of applications.

7. Dielectric strength – Parylene has an extremely high dielectric strength due to the fact it can be formed as thin, continuous films, free from defects and fillers found in several conventional coatings.

8. Environment-friendly coatings: SCS’s Parylene complies with the European Union’s Restriction on the Use of Hazardous Substances. Also, SCS has lead-free, halogen-free, and low VOC initiatives to support our customers.

9. Optical clarity – Parylene leaves surfaces transparent and clearly visible.

10. Optimal adhesion properties- Developed by SCS’ industry-leading team of research and development engineers, AdPro Plus® and AdPro Poly® increase adhesion between Parylene coatings and difficult substrates. Strong adhesion of Parylene is critical to enable the coating to provide maximum benefit to the application.

For more detailed information regarding the Parylene variants and their respective properties and benefits, you can download the SCS Parylene Properties brochure, which is available in the SCS Technical Library.