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Specialty Coating Systems is pleased to host informational presentations, seminars and webinars that offer industry expertise on coating with the unique polymer Parylene. Many events present multi-industry coating topics and are designed to address some of the most common surface modification challenges facing the aerospace, automotive, electronics and medical device industries. Events typically cover a variety of topics, including:

- Why Parylene coatings are used to protect advanced technologies
- How Parylene coatings are applied
- What applications and industries commonly rely on Parylene for protection
- Recent advances in coating and associated technologies
- ...and much more!

Please see the following schedule and links for more information on upcoming event dates. We would be happy to have you participate soon!

Upcoming Events
Event Type
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No events at this time.
Archived Events
Event Type
Registration Link
Webinar 11/12/15 View the Event Enhancing Medical Device Performance and Reliability with Parylene Conformal Coatings
Webinar 09/24/15 View the Event Harsh Environment Protection for Advanced Electronics and Components
Webinar 08/19/15 View the Event Parylene Solves Biocompatibility and Reliability Challenges Facing Designers
Webinar 07/23/15 View the Event Ultra-thin Conformal Coatings: Enhancing Component Protection and Reliability
Webinar 12/10/14 View the Event Conformal Coatings Improve Reliability for Innovative Technologies
Webinar 11/21/14 View the Event Parylene Conformal Coatings for the Oil & Gas Industry
Webinar 10/02/14 View the Event Advanced Conformal Coating Technologies for Electronic Applications
Webinar 09/16/14 On Demand View the Event Parylene Conformal Coatings: Improving the Reliability of Innovative Technologies (In Japanese)
Webinar 09/11/14 View the Event Improving Medical Devices and Advanced Technologies through Conformal Coatings
Webinar 08/14/14 View the Event Conformal Coatings Offer Reliable Protection for Advancing Technologies
Webinar 11/19/13 View the Event New Developments in Conformal Coatings Enhance Device Performance

*Abstracts for specific events can be found on the event' s respective registration page.